5 Ways to Convert Your TikTok Audience into Instagram followers

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5 Ways to Convert Your TikTok Audience into Instagram followers

Since its launch, TikTok has become a social network that has swept in terms of traffic and growth. For an app that was barely recognized in 2018, it has reached billions of downloads worldwide; which is why content creators have been generating a good TikTok Audience ever since.

However, we know this is not the only social network to promote your content or brand; other networks continue to be at the forefront offering options that TikTok does not have available. One such network is Instagram, and therefore linking both accounts represents a growth opportunity for any content creator or merchant.

So, if you have a good audience and traffic on TikTok, but want to move those numbers to Instagram, you should better stay and read the following.

The simplest step: link your accounts

If you have not done this you have to do it immediately, because it is the basics of social media management. Linking your accounts makes all your social networks related, making it much easier for your audience to access your media on the Internet.

You can also make use of tools like linkbook.bio, which allow you to have all the links from your social networks in a single interface. By placing your link in all the profiles of your social networks, your audience will be transferred immediately to the linked profile and you will have more possibilities of growing on Instagram.

Place your Instagram username in your videos

This may be simple and even basic, but it is quite useful when it comes to promoting your Instagram to your TikTok followers. In this case, you must place a call to action on your video so that they will follow your account on Instagram.

This call to action can be a watermark with your user, a message at the end of the video or anything you can think of. As long as it is eye-catching, but at the same time that it does not affect the quality of your content, you can achieve the number of followers you want on Instagram.

On the other hand, try not to oversaturate your content with this advice, since it can look unnatural and cause the opposite effect.

Add trailers for your Instagram videos on TikTok

This is a way of growing on Instagram makes your audience looks at your profile, even if that was not their main goal. Instagram have many advantages and one of them is its ability to upload long duration videos with IGTV; this is beneficial if you want to increase your number of followers on this social network, at the same time that you want to upload more extensive content.

So, what should you do? Very simple, upload small previews of your content on TikTok, a kind of trailer if you want to call it that way. Then you must place action calls to make your TikTok audience go to see the rest of your content on your Instagram page; but be careful while using this technique too much because it can become annoying for your followers.

Promote giveaways on Instagram

Another way to promote your Instagram content on TikTok is by running a giveaway, and this is perfect when you have a brand you want to promote. To achieve this, you can create TikTok videos promoting your giveaway; perhaps by doing a short review of the product in question or a simple video describing its specifications.

Then you must use the legend to make your audience visit your Instagram profile, which is where the giveaway will be held and where the entries will be taken into account. In this way, you will achieve good traffic not only by promoting your Instagram, but you will also be recommended on TikTok when your audience shares the content of the giveaway.

These types of techniques with giveaways and collaborations, have always been a way to increase the reach and engagement of your audience in any social network; therefore, it is a sure way to guarantee a greater bond with your community, beyond new followers. Without forgetting that it gives you the possibility to interact with your audience in a fun way.

Create original and quality content

Well, if you want to transfer all the members of your TikTok Audience to another social network, I recommend you to have a good audience committed to your content, brand, or personality; to achieve this, you must stay relevant creating attractive and original content, which has a unique touch that differentiates you from the rest of your competition.

You should also keep up with the trends, with the new challenges and styles within TikTok; so you should try to upload viral content as soon as it is in trend, always with your special touch. At the same time creating the perfect descriptions, with hashtags that give your content more visibility, to create a niche where you can find potential Instagram followers.

In summary, when it comes to promoting your Instagram, you must first make sure you have a good audience committed to your TikTok content. This is the safest way to have true followers that will be there for a long time, as long as you upload the same content that characterizes you, but with your special touch.

But do not forget about the other recommendations, because they are the key to growing on Instagram using the influence of other social networks. Instagram offers you growth possibilities that other networks do not have, such as a section for a store, Instagram Business, the possibility of creating more extensive content, among others.

So, if you are establishing a brand, a business, or your image within social networks, you should use the networks that are in trend like TikTok. But, you should not forget those that, although they are old, have known how to adapt to the changes of the web and stay even more current now than ever.

And all this is an opportunity for you to grow on Instagram, and in any other social network you want, thanks to the influence and virality of TikTok.

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