Easy and Free Way to Drive Traffic from Instagram

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Easy and Free Way to Drive Traffic from Instagram

There are few tools out there that will drive traffic to your website, advertise your business, and increase your engagement with visitors and repeat customers for free. That’s all changed with social media. Now, you can create an Instagram account for your business to gaining followers, increasing engagement, or spreading the word about your products and services. Most likely, though, if you’re a business owner, you probably want to drive traffic to your main website and shop. This is where links come in.

Adding a link to your Instagram bio is a great strategy for directing visitors to your website’s homepage, blog, shop, and more. If your bio does not have a link, you should add one as soon as possible. Your Instagram bio may seem like a small part of your business’s social media presence, but it can make a big impact. An effective Instagram bio will drive traffic to your webpage, establish your brand’s voice, and introduce new customers to your community. On top of this, it is notoriously difficult to add links to Instagram posts and comments, so the only clickable and active link you may have at your disposal is the link in your bio.

The single, clickable link you can add to your bio is essential as it’s the only place that you can direct your followers to your website and can drive a shocking amount of traffic. There are many ways you can use this space to take advantage of the engagement your Instagram has created.

Why You Need a Link in Your Bio

If your goal on Instagram is to drive traffic to your shop or webpage, engage your audience, and provide more information about your business, then a link is absolutely necessary. Your Instagram bio is the first thing people see when they visit your account and you have less than a second to make a good first impression. Including a link in your bio is an easy way to make sure you are equipped to convert visitors into customers during their first visit to your page.

Directing traffic to a website is the maximum common tactic utilized by maximum companies. However, relying on what your purpose is, you may additionally direct your fans to a specific web page to your website. For example, if your purpose is to increase sales, you’ll use your bio link to send your traffic for your web page, however in case your purpose is to get extra leads and conversions perhaps, you’ll keep in mind including a link to a form or downloadable content.

Links are also important in your bio because it is the only space on your account page that you can include a clickable link. As you probably know already, if you add a link within an Instagram caption, comment, or story no one will be able to click on it. Instead, they’ll have to copy and paste the link into a browser to visit your webpage and most people will not go through the effort. That’s why Instagram allows you to add a link in your bio that can lead to any external website, providing you with potential business leads.

Should You Change Your Link Regularly?

You can update this link as often as you like to point to any page of your site, like a campaign landing page, your shop, a featured blog post, or a lead capture page. It’s common to regularly update the link in your bio and then draw attention to the link by adding strategic call-to-actions in post captions that explain the value of the link. Things such as “Click our link in bio to find out more about…” or “Read the full story at the link in our bio” will direct visitors to your bio and your website easily.

However, what if you update your link multiple times? Will visitors read older posts and be confused if you change the link too frequently? What if someone goes to your bio to learn more and finds a different link or a post from six months ago? This is where you need a “link in bio” tool, so one link can encompass everything you’d like to accomplish.

It is common nowadays to use a “link in bio” tool to direct customers to multiple links. What is a link in bio tool? A link in bio tool allows you to link to more pages and content via a unique URL that houses everything that you want to link to. Third party tools like Linktree or Feedlink allow you to create a unique landing page with multiple redirections using one unique link. Using one of these tools, you can display all the content you want to link to using a unique URL and custom landing page.

Keep Track of Your Link’s Progress

If you decide to change the link in your bio less often, it may be a good idea to keep track of how many clicks your link gets. This will give you an idea of what kind of links your audience prefers and what they aren’t interested in. If you have an Instagram business accounts, you already have access to this feature, called Instagram Insights. Here, you can see how many profile visits, website clicks, emails, and calls your account receives. If you don’t have a business account, don’t worry. There are third party tools available that will do the trick.

You can track the number of clicks your link gets using tools like Facebook Pixels or Google Analytics. These tools can also track how long a visitor stays on your website and if they leave immediately after clicking the link. This will let you know if your link is interesting to visitors or if you should think about updating it or revising your website’s landing page. With frequent monitoring and A/B testing, you’ll learn more about your audience and know what interests them the most.

How Do You Add a Link to Your Bio?

Do, how do you add a link to your Instagram bio? It’s an easy three-part process. Simply go to your profile, open your settings, and paste your link.

Go to Your Profile

You’ll be able to access your profile through the person icon. On desktop, this will be in the top-right hand corner of your screen, and in the mobile app you’ll see it along the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

Open Your Settings

Beside your username, you’ll see an “edit profile” button. By clicking on that, you’ll be able to customize or edit any of the information you can see on your main profile page- not just the link.

Add Your Link

Third from the top, you’ll see a form field labeled “website”- here’s where you’ll be adding your link (just to note, it doesn’t have to be your website, you can add a link to anywhere you want).

To sum it up, your business’s Instagram bio should always include a link. A link will drive visitors to your website and increase traffic significantly. With proper monitoring and frequent updates, your Instagram bio can become an effective tool for converting visitors to customers in minutes.

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