How to add link in TikTok bio

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How to add link in TikTok bio

TikTok has changed the game of managing social networks for businesses and brands, offering a more interactive way to promote products and services, while establishing a community with which you can share and interact. Therefore, having a business TikTok account has become essential for brands in the digital age.

That is why having a fully complete and optimized account is essential, as it will guarantee the performance, traffic, and engagement that you expect from your audience. One of the aspects, that will transform your simple account into a professional one, is to add clickable link to TikTok.

So, let’s see how you can go through this process and take your TikTok account to the next level.

Convert your profile into a Business Account

To add clickable link to TikTok, you must first verify if your profile applies to place this option. The easiest way to do this is by going to your profile and selecting the three-dot menu; then you must select the option Manage Account> Switch to Pro Account> Business.

In this way, you will have changed the category of your account from Creator to Business, so how does this affect your account? Well, using this type of account is proof of everything in which you can add a TikTok Link in Bio without problems; while some creator accounts on TikTok have this feature enabled, these are special cases.

We know at some point the TikTok developers will allow all users to add links to their bios, but this process is being a bit slow. So that is why we recommend you simply change the category of your account; and if you wonder what the difference between both categories is, we will explain it to you right now.

The biggest difference between a personal account and a business TikTok account is the availability of songs and sounds for the creation of your content; you see, some songs are not available for commercial use, that is, for the use of business accounts.

Therefore, if this is something that concerns you, maybe you should wait until the add link option is available for all accounts.

How do I add a link to my business account?

Now we come to the real issue here; if you have already changed your account to a business TikTok account, now you just have to place the link of your website or whatever you want. Just follow these steps and you will not get lost:

  1. Start by going to your TikTok profile.
  2. Select the Edit Profile option.
  3. Look for the Website option and select it.
  4. Write the website you want to attach in the blank.
  5. Save all changes to continue the process.
  6. Go to your profile, check that you can click the link and that it is redirected to the page.

Use the Linkbook tool

If you do not want to change your account to the business category, you may still have a chance to link using the link-in-bio Linkbook tool. This is the perfect tool, since it transforms all your social networks in the same clickable link in an attractive and simple-to-use platform.

  1. Go to the page and download the tool to get started.
  2. Attach all the social networks you want.
  3. Choose an interface of your choice for your followers to see.
  4. Go to your TikTok profile.
  5. Place the link that the Linkbook tool has generated in your bio.
  6. Confirm that the link works by clicking on it. Also make sure that all the links on your social networks are redirected correctly.
  7. If everything went well, you will have finished the TikTok Link in Bio process. And so your followers should be able to see all your social networks, in addition to your TikTok profile.

That simple you can have all your social networks for everyone to know, at the same time advertising each of them with a fairly intuitive tool.

Why is it important to have a TikTok Link in Bio?

You may wonder why add clickable link to TikTok is important, and if you have a small account that only uses this social network for leisure, this may not be important. But if you want to grow your brand, your image, or your business, then this option is essential as far as marketing is concerned.

Next, we explain the benefits of this play:

Benefits for brands and businesses

All brands and businesses that are on TikTok know they must place the links of their web pages in their Bios. The reason is simple, this is the way to transform the audience into potential customers, and thus boost your sales to the maximum.

Therefore, the content of these accounts is almost always indirectly focused to encourage the audience to buy; therefore, they will easily find the link to the stores or official websites in the comfort of the brands’ bios. In this way, they convert simple content consumers into sales numbers, which is obviously beneficial to them.

Benefits for your image and personality

If you aspire to be part of the world of influencers, having a TikTok Link in Bio for social networks is beneficial; so, you can not only use the link annex in TikTok to add a web page but also a link to your Instagram, YouTube, Discord accounts, among others.

This will help all your accounts have good traffic, in addition to giving your audience the possibility to see more variety of your content. On the other hand, it is also an opportunity to add your web store to sell your merchandise as an influencer, and thus make your image a real brand.

Consequently, if you want to have a good presence on your social networks, whether as a brand, business, or personality, you should take this advice into account. Since you can get a lot out of professional management of social networks and marketing, so do not miss the opportunity to grow on TikTok and other social networks with this tip.

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