How to Make a Good First Impression with an Instagram Bio

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How to Make a Good First Impression with an Instagram Bio


Your Instagram bio is the first thing visitors see and read when they visit your page, even before they scroll down to your posts. An effective Instagram bio will establish your brand’s voice, introduce new customers to your products and services, and ultimately drive traffic to your website or shop. An Instagram bio should make an impact on your audience and tell them what your business is, what you do, and why they need you. It also must convince people to not only follow you but to convert them to customers.

Since Instagram only allows up to 150 characters in your bio and there is no way to get around this, your bio needs to be short and to the point. In your bio, you should introduce visitors to your business, state your mission, demonstrate your business’s personality, and try to drive visitors to your website, landing page, or shop.

So how can you make a great first impression quickly? The key is to make your bio scannable. Most visitors aren’t going to read every word of your bio, even if it is only 150 characters long. They’ll scan through your bio, decide if they are interested, and then continue on to your posts or leave your page. So, you need to make your bio as easy to read as possible and highlight your quick points.

There are a few ways to accomplish this: emojis, line breaks, hashtags, and a unique font. Use one or more of these tips captivate your reader without overwhelming or confusing them.


Using emojis in your Instagram bio will give your profile a visually fresh and fun feel while helping your brand stand out from the crowd. Emojis take up less space than words and are fun to look at, enabling you to save space for additional text and keep your audience’s interest.

When choosing emojis for your bio, be creative. Use an emoji or two in place of common words to break up the text. You can also use emojis as bullet points, or to emphasize key points, hashtags, or links that you want to make sure visitors see. Most importantly, emojis should always be relevant to your brand and add value to your bio. Using similar emojis consistently can make your brand more recognizable and engaging.

Line Breaks

Just because you only have 150 characters doesn’t mean they all need to be in one continuous line of text. Sometimes, it’s difficult for people to scan through your bio when it contains a large piece of information. A large blurb of text can be off-putting to new visitors and discourage them from actually reading what you want them to read. Instead, break up your text with line breaks, emojis, and links to keep your visitors’ attention. Breaking down your bio into a list or bullet format with neat spacing helps people consume the information with ease.


A crucial element to include in your bio is one or two hashtags. Hashtags appear blue to visitors and are clickable, which increases a visitor’s chance of actually reading your bio. Commonly used hashtags may be familiar to your audience, which can make them feel comfortable interacting with your brand.

Hashtags also make your profile discoverable and browsable for visitors. These can either be branded hashtags or keywords that you expect your ideal audience to search. Hashtags allow your account to be discovered by customers and promote engagement with similar communities. This also encourages followers to interact with your profile by including your branded hashtags in their posts, comments, and stories. This will help not only drive post engagement, but also create a community around your brand. By giving your followers a way to share their content with you and your community via your branded hashtag, you will quickly create a strong interactive hub on Instagram. This can help promote your business and enable your brand to reach a wider audience.

If you consistently keep track of your hashtags, you’ll notice new posts quickly and be able to like, share, and comment on each. This interaction keeps followers coming back for more content and gives your profile more exposure. Include only one or two hashtags in your bio since space is limited.


A unique font will make your profile more memorable to visitors than normal, boring text. There are a ton of brands and businesses on Instagram and all of them are competing for attention. Any little thing that you can do to stand out will help you increase engagement and get noticed. Customizing your bio with a bit of cursive, handwriting, or typeface will make visitors more likely to read.

You can also use fonts to highlight keywords, names, or other features in your bio. A striking font will make certain keywords pop and could go well with the overall feel you want your profile to portray. Pairing this with strategic use of emojis or special characters adds personality and makes your brand look more interesting. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. Try using it for just your name, a title, or one keyword.

There are several tools you can use to find a font for your bio. Tools like LingoJam,, and FontGet can automatically generate fonts for you and are relatively easy to use. Simply insert the text you want to customize into the font tool you’ve chosen, and you’ll be able to preview what it will look like with different fonts. Make sure whatever font you choose is still legible, as you want your audience to be able to read what you’re writing. Copy the final converted text to your Instagram bio, save, and you’re done! It’s that simple.

As you’ve learned, an effective Instagram bio can make or break your business’s success on Instagram. It can make an impact on your audience and tell them what your business is, what you do, and why they need you. The key to making a great first impression on visitors and converting them to followers or even customers is to make your bio easy to read. Most visitors only scan your bio and won’t read everything, even if it is only 150 characters long. They’ll scan through your bio, decide if they are interested, and then continue to your posts or leave your page. Making a great impression with quick, concise copy, attention-drawing emojis, line breaks, hashtags, or a unique font will keep your visitors interested and more likely to engage with your business.

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