5 Ways to Use TikTok for Business

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5 Ways to Use TikTok for Business

Do you have a nascent business and want to achieve greater visibility with consumers? Well, one of the most efficient ways today is to establish yourself in the social networks in trend, and one of these is TikTok for making your brand viral.

This social network has some peculiarities that differentiate it from the rest; the main one could be the way content creators can interact with their audience naturally. Something that benefits a brand well, since it makes it more accessible to potential consumers of its products.

So, if you want a brand that has a good impact, get ready to know how social networks can help you; mainly with these ways of using TikTok for Business.

Create original content

TikTok has billions of downloads and millions of active users, so it is a source of potential young consumers and buyers, taking into account its largest demographic belongs to Gen Z. Therefore, you must take into account this population is aware of trends, what is original and what is a vile copy.

So, the way to use TikTok and marketing to your advantage is to create quality and original content but that also meets current trends. Then, how to create something new but not separate from what is established in fashion?

Many advice pages will tell you there are some magic ingredients for success on TikTok, but we sum it up in one aspect; being authentic. If you have a brand or business that promotes a product, it is best to reveal the true personality of your brand to generate a better connection with your potential customers.

How to do that? Well, only you know the true personality of your business, and by knowing this you can adapt the image of your brand to current trends. You can do this in many ways, but here are some ideas:

  • Do you think your brand has a special packaging form? Well, it shows the packaging process with some trending songs.
  • Do you sell any product that requires an explanation about its use? Do a video demo with a fashion challenge.
  • Do you think that behind your brand there is a special story or anecdote? Tell it! Users like storytelling to feel more related to brands.

Do not forget to tag, share your content, and use relevant hashtags.

Share content from your users

If you think the most famous brands spend millions on generating original content on TikTok for Business, then you are wrong. Many big-name brands and businesses are using user-generated content (UGC), a technique that has many benefits.

The first benefit is financial since they do not have to spend part of their budget on making content, all thanks to TikTok and marketing. Maybe making content for your brand does not cost you a lot of money; but for these companies, it can mean extra weight.

The second benefit is they establish contact with their followers, they become more approachable and no longer see themselves as unattainable figures, as they seemed before. You can also get closer to your audience by linking your other social networks to your TikTok account; and with tools like linkbook.bio this can be very easy, having all the links in a single interface.

And the third benefit is also clear, it is the favorable publicity the same clients of a company give. Let’s say a company like Adidas shares a video of an influencer using their new collection, this gives the brand much more credibility since a real person is using their products.

This can also happen with your products, especially if you are a nascent brand. Your products or your brand may not have much credibility at first; but as you share user content using your products, you will attract the attention of other potential consumers with TikTok for business.

Do not be afraid to advertise

Monetized content is coming to TikTok to stay thanks to ads. And this is a great opportunity for big and small brands to advertise themselves, so you should not be afraid to use these tools for making your brand viral.

The first option you have is paying for ads that appear in the user’s feed with a link to your page. Then there are the native ads, which are played between the user’s content; while sponsored challenges may be more suitable for large brands as they are quite expensive.

But do not rule out any of these options, if you generate more traffic and have good engagement all this would be useful.

Create your hashtags and filters

If you think your brand is iconic and unique enough to have its hashtags and filters, then do not hesitate, go on that adventure! But we recommend you follow this advice when you have good traffic on your account, as well as good engagement that ensures that your followers will use your filters and tags.

You can also use these tools to create campaigns, and even join trending movements. This being a way of establishing the position of your brand in the face of current situations, something that generates a lot of empathy concerning users and makes you much more accessible as a figure.

Promotes interaction with the user

The best way to use TikTok and marketing at the same time is by interacting with your community. And this social network is perfect for this because there are many ways to establish a link with users interested in your brand.

We have already mentioned the methods with the greatest impact, using challenges, hashtags, and filters, among others. But you can also connect with your audience by responding to their comments, making videos in response to their questions, mentioning and collaborating with other brands and even with giveaways and contests.

This makes your brand a little closer to the public, something that also benefits you in terms of marketing since you can know about your users and their tastes. So, with all this, you can start making your brand viral, while staying current on social media.

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